Shannon Hobby

Voice Over Artist

Young, energetic, and full of enthusiasm. Shannon will bring her positive attitude and unique style to every role, bringing your characters to life. View the gallery to see previous works, the Demos section to see current voice samples, or get in contact with Shannon directly.


What people are saying

"Shannon was a pleasure to work with. Her responses were fast and friendly, and the voice acting top quality. She provided me with many lines to choose from, and I didn't need to edit any of the audio as it's quality was great. Will definitely continue working with her in the future and could not recommend her enough."

Ashley Higgins

"Shannon Hobby is easily the most professional and eager voice actors I've worked with. With a simply fantastic array of voices she has proceeded to surpass my expectations with any task I've given her. I'd highly recommend hiring her if you're looking for a quality actor."

Grant Schilling

"Shannon is one of the best voice actors I've ever worked with, and that is to say a lot, because I have worked with many. She is versatile and has a wide range of voice, but most importantly, she excels in all roles that she does. We have cooperated on Ingvi from Shezarrine: The Fate of Tamriel and Caesia follower, and she impressed me not only with her talent, but also patience and passion. I will absolutely recommend her for any of your female characters."

Miroslav Yegorov


Demo Reels


Character Demo Reel - 2017

Showreel - 2015-2017

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Skype: Abtaph

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